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  In order to better serve customers, meet customer demands to the largest extent, solve the problems fed back from users, and provide users with satisfactory products and services, we make the following commitments:
  1.Strictly implementing the “Three Guarantees” system. The “Three Guarantees” period is 6 months starting from the date when the user eventually purchases the products. In the process of debugging and assembling, if it is verified that the quality problem is caused by the user, it is possible to return or exchange the product through negotiation within the “Three Guarantees” period.
  2.Handling the quality problems and feedbacks of users in a timely manner upon request.
  3.Providing technical support or product quality analysis for the problematic products upon users’ request, and guaranteeing to reach the sites of end users within 48 hours (1,000km or less) / 72 hours (1,000km or more).
  4.Implementing follow-up investigation on the quality of after-sales services, being responsible for the service attitude, quality, and promptness of the after-sales personnel., and setting up a complaint hotline:+86-0539-4801079